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Africa Calling - Dream of a Free Spirit

...for Lidia

Ten years of the Foundation Willen & Doen

Sharing and caring for each other, Wil Groot, who comes from a Catholic family with sixteen children, was introduced. As a child he wanted to become a missionary, just like his aunt Afie. Years later, Wil received a book with AIDS stories in Africa. These stories touched him, partly because he was now HIV positive. That night he had a dream about orphans in South Africa for which he would build a house. The next day he decided: I'm just going to do this. Not much later, Wil boarded the plane to South Africa, and the Willen & Doen Foundation was born.

Dream of a Free Spirit takes a unique look at the work of Wil Groot and the Foundation  Willen & Doen. What does Wil actually do as a quartermaster? And how are promotions launched? Where do you walk in a country that is in almost everything different from ours?

Wil regularly ends up in remarkable situations. Look through the eyes of this special modern missionary at present-day South Africa and its inhabitants. A country that is beautiful and hard at the same time. A damaged country, but with hope for the future.


The presentation in the Beurs van Berlage was really a success, as can be seen above. Many thanks to Robert Witlox, Martin Spee and Peter Faber.

My thanks go out to everyone who has helped me on my path to make my Dream come true.

Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures in color, published in the book "Dream of a Free Spirit".

Also the videos of The Foundation Willen & Doen and how the volunteers took part into his Dream

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NH - News in The Netherlands

Wil Groot from Hauwert presented his book in the local TV News

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Radio Interview

Wil tells more about his book to Radio Salto presented by HelaasPindakaas