Annual Report Willen & Doen Foundation 2010

From a financial perspective, 2010 was a good year. Totally the Foundation revenues amounted to 75.000 EUR and that is 30.000 than in 2009.

Other Foundations

Remarkable was the amount of money received through other foundations. So the Foundation Dynamo has made a donation from the framework of the Dapper-neighbourhood project and the NCDO for the construction of a pre-school, a shelter for women with kids and a shop in Mahosheni.

The Foundation Steun Uitenhage Zuid ceased to exist on 2010. The remaining balance was donated to the Willen & Doen Foundation, as their and our goals are similar. Add to that the amounts received by the Trutfonds, Wings of Support and the Foundation SKAI and you come up to an amount of 5500 euros that were received via other foundations. This amounts was often linked to a specific goal and was an one-off donation. It is not to expect that such a big amount shall be received next year as well. Extra efforts will have to be done to get revenues via the other ways.

Other revenues

Around 4400 euros were received through actions from third parties and the private sector. There was an one-off leather fashion show by the Queen´s Head with income destined for Willen & Doen. Our monthly donators have together assembled around 3500 euros and other overall donations from private individuals have amounted to 6000 euros.

Finally we have received through our street actions around 6300 euros. We were active by King´s Day, Gay Pride and Hartjesdag. We took part in Sail, but it was difficult to gather donations through that event. On the  other hand, Dolly Bellefleur, which worked on the street action for us
during the event, was able to leave an indelible impression by the visitors of the event and mainly over the sailors from far away countries.


In 2010 most of the income was donated to NGO Ons Plek from Deon Mulder.
Besides the monthly support to diverse projects, we have also invested in the improving of shelters in Bloemfontein and Transkei. We have paid attention to sustainability and autonomy through the purchase of solar heaters, a wind-solar energy system and vegetable tunnels. Through other partners we have invested in education; as for instance by the set-up of a Waldorf pre-school in Coffee Bay and the design of a computer space by the Salesian institute in Cape Town, where previous street boys receive education and follow workshops.

We are proud to have managed to bring down the overhead costs. Half of the money spent in this category belongs to unavoidable bank costs. 97% of all expenses were directly related to the projects and the overhead costs were only 3% of the total. We have managed to keep such costs so
low because Willen & Doen is managed by volunteers, and Wil Groots and Martin Lont have paid for their trips to South Africa themselves.

Revenues 2010

Private Donations        Foundations/Trust Fonds
Action Third parties/Private sector 
Street action 
Cirque Classique

Total revenues 

NGO Ons Plek
Waldorf preschool Coffeebay
Salesian computer programme 
Centre of Joy
Bank costs 
Other costs 

Total expenses

Balance revenues -/- expeditures