School Activities

Changing the world,

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Wanting it & Doing it


Functions: Reading and writting lessons - creativity, sports and games

Leadership: Nontscha en vrijwilligers

Location: Community centrum, Mawotsheni project, Coffee Bay.

Status: OUnder management; NPO Mawotsheni Community Project in collaboration with Willen & Doen

Period: February 2018 - now

We have immediately caught the cow with the horns and started with after-school activities, where the children get some homework guidance. Extra hands are needed for this. Interns and volunteers are very welcome.

Education in rural areas appears to be the worst in the world. It turns out that 70% of children in Group 4 of elementary School cannot read and write their own language. This came to our attention on the last visit. A mentor told that children are sent home with books. They are instructed that their parents must help. Some parents are often not there. Children then live with their grandmother. Many are illiterate.

In Coffee Shag backpackers, Wil got into conversation with a teacher. He said that it is true that they give books to children. The reason for this is that classes are too large. His class has 60 children. Other classes 80 and sometimes more.

The children are fed for after-school activities. A soup kitchen has been set up specifically. Willen en Doen is still looking for sponsorship for this project. Trainees and volunteers can register with us.

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