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Function: Teacher in charge

Leadership: Nomapuzi

Location:  Mapuzi

Status: Initial phase

Period: Open since January 2017

Montessori Montessori education is the tool for children in rural areas. They absorb knowledge in a playful way.More meaningfully, the toddlers assign 2 languages. English and Xhosa. Nomapuzi is a born schoolteacher. It's in her heart. Dawn Goddard has taught her the Montessori profession, sponsored by Obonto Foundation.

We met her in 2007. She then worked for Deon Mulder. In 2011 she opened a daycare center in Mawotsheni. Willen and Doen met her there and started sponsoring her. We built the Mawotsheni project in Mawotsheni.

From January 1, 2018 Nomapuzi will start a new day care center in the community where it comes from. This crèche was built by two Belgian gentlemen who came into contact with the Transkei through Willen and Doen. Because Noma has been working with us for over 10 years, we support her in her next step.