What we want

Changing the world,

a matter of

Wanting it & Doing it


The main goals of the Foundation Willen & Doen is described in two points:

  • In South Africa we want to play a part in the fight against HIV and AIDS. In particular, we focus on disadvantaged children and work development in the communities.

  • In The Netherlands, we want to increase awareness and involvement of what causes HIV and AIDS on a continent like Africa. And that is what we are WILLING to DO in South Africa.


Small scale and self-reliance are the key words for us. The effect of the donations is immediately applied in small-scale projects.

Within the projects we look at ways to increase self-reliance. This makes the projects less dependent on support. Moreover, this strengthens the sense of self-esteem of those involved.


Since 2011 we have focusing our activities in the area around Coffeebay in the Transkei. This rural remote area has traditionally been the area of the Xhosa. Many of the traditions of tribal culture are still in use, while the influences of modern life are also noticeable.

The cultural history makes it a challenge to work in this region. Projects have to borne by the Community and following local culture. The approach here is different from the city.

  • There is a lot of malnutrition, often children only get one fish or meat meal per month.
  • Access to medical care is limited. Medications often do not reach the clinics. How to deal with medications is a big problem..
  • Children are often taken care of by grandparents, family or environment.

By specializing in this area, we as a small organization can effectively convert the WILLING into DOING.


We work in various ways on raising awareness here in the Netherlands:

  • Our newsletter will keep you informed of the latest developments.
  • With the weblog of Wil Groot and various videos it is as if you take a look on the spot and put your hands out of the sleeves.
  • Presentations at Rotaries, men's/women's Clubs, schools.

Through working with youth. Our ROC project was a good example of this, as did the HBO internship project and the MBO project.