Annual Report Willen & Doen Foundation 2017

Again another year goes by. A year of developments and change in the projects in the Transkei. At the Mawotsheni project there was another change of direction. Zelri Vicente had to say us farewell due to health reasons. We regret that since her work was amazing and she had a great relationship with the community. Her role has been taken over by Ziyanda Sethe. 

Willen & Doen Amsterdam

Once again as usual the board has met each three months. We have welcomed Riff Micho by the meetings. Riff lives currently in Amsterdam. He has decided to dedicate himself completely tot he Good Hope nursery school, which he has built. He gladly commits to turn it into a successful
montessori school. We also welcome Giovanni. He will dedicate himself together with Ronald to he online sponsoring. In the last year Will was busy mostly with the writing of his book. In the book he describes 10 years in South Africa and how all has begun.


There are many highlights regarding the Mawotsheni project. The nursery counted with 31 children this year. Noma and Nontsha take care of it. They are busy mostly with the accounting and the volunteers. In that sense there were three French volunteers who worked together to renew the vegetables tunnel. The walls were set up with plastic bottles. Check the photo at Actions. They have also visited together with Ziyanda  different universities to promote the project. It was surprising to see that there is is momently electricity in the project and in the surrounding areas. This is a big advance. Concerning water, not much has changed. In the last months of the year there was no water. This has led to health issues in the community.

Good Hope Nursery School

Rifff has concentrated efforts on the Good Hope nursery school. Living currently in Amsterdam, he has organised an auction where the revenue would be used for the new furniture for Good Hope. The amount collected was EUR 1750,00. At the end of September Riff went to Coffee Bay, where he has worked on the making of furniture. For this he was helped by many people from the community. In November the new furniture was installed. Since there were many volunteers, there  was a balance of EUR 400,00. We have decided to sponsor Selina since she has worked with so  many volunteers in the last year. With her volunteering work fort he Mavis and Good Hope nurseries, both projects were  completed.

Private Donation

This year we had to say fareweel to Danny Faber and Tony Beks. Both were commited tot he Foundation. Danny was an active volunteer since 2007. In his last will, he has left a donation to the Foundation. Danny, we will miss you. Wil has worked together with Tony in Cape Town by the
Salesian institute. Tony worked mainly with street kids. Tony has also left a substantial amount fort he Foundation. We shall miss you.

There was also a particular donation from a jubilarian. She, Akky, had visited the projects years ago. “My heart is by the children”. Thank you Akky.

Actions from third parties and the private sector

Herein we would like to thank Riff´s auction, the Green Street action day in Amstedam and the 40MM march in North Holland.

The numbers

It was beautiful to see the increase in cash after a year of relatively few actions. This means that the income is positive. Therefore we can peacefully continue with the sponsoring of projects. Mawotsheni is in full swing and the community stands by it. The related costs remain especially


2017 was a quiet year in which both in South Africa and in Amsterdam everything went on. There were naturally changes, but also those were solved in both sides through the help of others. Hereby we thank all our donators and voluntees which have sponsored and worked with us in the last year. Again thanks to you all on behalf of the kids, the employees and the projects, the board and myself.

Revenues 2017

Donations                                      Indivdual donations 
Actions third parties/private sector          ROC                                                      Tulpen lunch
Interest savings account 

Total revenues

Mawotsheni Car                                Obonto project Celena                                Good Hope                                            Bank costs 
Brunch costs
Other costs 

Total expenditure

Balance revenues -/- expediture


Balance Bank Account                          Rabobank payments account      Rabobank savings account                                                                                                


Increase in cash







  01-01-2017                 31-12-2017
343,86                      1.585,87
27.327,32                    32.679,17
27.671,18                    34.265,04