Annual Report  Willen & Doen Foundation 2018

2018 will go into our books as a fertile year with many surprises. The development is ongoing and constructive again. In May we have  celebrated our 10th anniversary which has been combined with a big beneficent party in Hauwert. Wil has written a book whose revenues are destined to the children. The presentation of the book “Dream of a Free Spirit” at the Beurs van Bijlage in Amsterdam, during the World Aids Conference, was also a highlight. 

Willen & Doen Amsterdam

Because of all the developments in the projects, the board has gathered six times during the year. Attention was necessary, also in The  Netherlands. It was a race to get it all done on time. We have also been helped by the media. Wil was interviewed by newspapers, radio and television. The sales are still in-house and much more has been donated than we had expected. The book has been translated into English and hopefully shall be launched in the market in 2019. Our chairman Ronald
has been two weeks visiting the projects with thre friends who have done voluteering work there. They came back as activists.


At the begin of 2018 Mawotsheni was in trouble. There were only 5 kids in the nursery. We took staps to change that. Within 3 weeks there were 20. After the summer vacation, 45. At the same time we have started providing after-school care as 87% of the kids from the fourth grade of basic school still couldn´t read nor write. This action has been taken over by other projects during the year. After the summer holidays the projects have been ravaged by a hurricane. The community center was destroyed. From both sides virtual and telephonic steps were taken to reconstruct it as soon as possible.

Due to the good income from the book and other donations, there were enough mens to finance this. The re-opening was celebrated on  November 30th, at the same time as the graduation ceremony of the children, and this together with Wil´s birthday. His reaction was, “you can't get a better gift than this”. Nomapuzi is back to her own community, where she now manages the Ngoko nursery. She is still working for us. Willen & Doen has now Ngoko under its wings. Regarding water, not much has been changed.

Good Hope Nursery

Riff has informed us about the state of affairs in Good Hope. Investments have been done to make the nursery school more professional. The company Bizzomate has donated us 6000 euros in December 2017 to be used in Good Hope, where the teacher also receives a small montly payment. The teacher takes currently care over 25 kids by herself, as her assistant is pregnant.

Private Donations

Private donations have increased namely during Ronald and his friends´ stay in the projects, after the presentation of the book and Wil´s stay in November.

Actions from third parties and the private sector

First of all, many thanks to the Stoomtramloop in Hoorn. They have sponsored 1000 euros. Also many thanks to 40MM in Verhuizen. We also have to thank Dominique from Brugge, which has managed to sell five boxes of books in 5 weeks. Other individuals like Bernadet and Cindy have executed actions, so that Wil and Ronald have brought many dressing material for the clinics. They will go next year to the project. Carolien has managed to gather donations through her birthday via Facebook, but also other people were active. Nancy from Brugge organised a birthday function, gathering 600 euros. We thank all individuals who have sold the books to their family and friends.

The numbers

Revenues and expenses were higher than the previous year. Messiwe in Nyameka have both done the Montessori training. Mesiwe teaches now in Good Hope and Nyamela will take it from Nomapuzi as of January. An investment has been done into another community centre. Furthermore we can go on with the sponsoring of projects without problems. Regarding costs, they are still very low.


2018 was a turbulent and fertile year where both in South Africa and in Amsterdam a lot has happend. Our thanks go to all the volunteers and each one who has taken part in helping us. Thank you to those who have offered help whenever necessary, like the Rainbow Market in the Vondelpart, the beneficent party in Hauwert and also at the Beurs van Berlage, where the organisators Bert and Erwin, from the exposition “I Will Speak”, have managed to make space available for our presentation during the World Aids Congress. We herein thank all our donators and volunteers which have helped us in the last year through their sponsoring and contributions. One again many thanks on behalf of the children, our employees and the projects, the board and myself.

 Revenues 2018

Donations                                          Private Donations 
Income 'Dream of a Free Spirit'        Other earnings
Interest on savings account 

Total revenues

Good Hope                                        Montessori Studies                          Purchase book                                      Printing                                                Travel costs                                            Bank costs 
Other costs 

Total expediture

Balance revenues-/- expenses


Balance Bank account                        Rabobank payment account          Rabobank savings account                                                                                                  


Increase in Cash







  01-01-2018                 31-12-2018
1.585,87                      5.900,22
32.679,17                    34.434,64
34.265,04                    40.334,86