Annual Report  Willen & Doen Foundation 2019

The year 2019 is over. Here we share the annual financial report with again wonderful moments of growth, but also painful moments of farewell. Teenagers especially, active in after-school activities, performed at the graduation ceremony in November. Dance and creativity gave shine to this party. In February Wil, together with Bernadet Vonk and Cindy de Ruij, visited the project. Both ladies had been preparing for three weeks of active volunteering with the children. At home they had taken actions to collect first aid equipment because there is always too little, especially at the clinics on the countryside. They have also raised money through, among other things, actions at Albert Heijn and in their friends’ circles. These three weeks were overshadowed by the passing away of a board member of the Mawotsheni Community project. 

Willen & Doen Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, the board met again 6 times. Book presentations have been made in Alkmaar, Groot Schermer, Enkhuizen, Hoorn and Amsterdam, where interviews in newspapers and reporting were virtually made in Dutch and English for full advertising. The Ruijters, Cindy's parents, celebrated their lustrum, asking for filled envelopes as gifts. The revenues were for Willen & Doen. Many thanks for this contribution. The Website of Willen & Doen has also been given a new look. Santiago also improved the English translation. On 24 December the English edition 'Africa Calling – A Free Spirit's Dream' was released. On the 25thste the first issue was awarded to Paul Collet, who translated it. On 28th December the first presentation was done at the Spijkerbar in Amsterdam.


The year 2019 was constructive. The nursery had 38 children. The Ministry of Social Development, under which nurseries in South Africa fall, asked us to expand the nursery space. We made a drawing and a room was built. Jimmie, a local carpenter, was approached to make the furniture. In November, the room was opened on graduation day. The after-school activities have mainly focused on homework guidance. Throughout the year, national and international volunteers, have been active on the project.

Ngoko Preschool

This is the nursery where Normapuzi wields the sceptre. In February Wil, Bernadet and Cindy visited the nursery and it was clear that furniture was needed. Jimmie was approached; the money which had been raised in actions plus the donation from Cindy's parents was used for that. The pictures on our internet site show how nicely it was done. Investments were also made to improve the premises.

Good Hope Nursery

This is the nursery built by Richard McBride with the help of Selina and to which Richard is committed. Part of the donation made by the company Bizzomate in 2017 was still left. It was used to complete the ceilings and floors and to assist the teacher financially with a small fee. Local workers have done this work. There were 27 children registered this year. There, too, a graduation ceremony was given. This was really a big party.

Private Contributions and actions

The private contributions and actions came from unexpected angles. For example, we were approached by Dominique de Queecker from Bruges who ordered a box of books because she wanted to sell them in her area. A week later she ordered another one and this went on for five weeks in a row. Afterwards, she and a friend organised a fundraiser in Bruges. Other private actions were also taken, as you can see here. The 40MM was active as always. It is wonderful that West Friesland is active in this way. The Duraks met Wil in Coffee Bay and he showed them the projects. Coming home, they also took action. In this way we thank all individuals and companies that have sponsored us. We thank you all for the effort, for going for it together and wanting and doing it.


This year's revenues have been lower than the expenditures due to the construction of the new classroom. We are still very low on expenditure. Nevertheless, we are in a good place and can continue in this way for years to come. Of course there are always ups and downs but that's everywhere. These are also life lessons. The projects are in good shape and we are going keep working on them with good mood in 2020.


We thank everyone who has helped us, including the actions done on Facebook and where generosity was shown. We thank the newspapers that have published articles and columns, so that individuals have made donations. Education is a broad field; what is needed there is knowledge, and education is the tool. The teachers working at the children's nurseries are now all qualified and they are the springboard for the little ones, for a better future. We walk together with all the people who help us and donate; those people build bridges. Thanks to everyone,together we are strong and together we do and we will!

 Revenues 2019

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Income 'Dream of a Free Spirit'        Other earnings
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Total revenues

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Decrease in Cash







  01-01-2019                 31-12-2019
5.900,22                      3.756,94
34.434,64                    32.188,18
40.334,86                    35.945,12


- 4.389,74